Vitruvian Man

The Habitat of the Vitruvian Man by Markus Benesch

Year 2015
Location Milan, Italy
Galery Spazio Borgogno

Furniture, objects of warfare and pleasure, building material of Vitruvian times.

We found the slats for the furniture neatly stacked in the Vitruvian Forest 158 years from now. The two stacks that are exhibited mark the beginning of this collection. The color gradient is characteristic for these pieces. They speak to Vitruv´s call for Venustas (Beauty) and embody his other two parameters of Firmitas and Utilitas. The square is the nucleus of this line of objects and furniture and not just emblematic but also a reminder and reference to Vitruvs’ discovery: that the upright man fits with stretched out arms in a square as well as in a circle - clearly illustrated in the sketch by Leonardo da Vinci. For me the sketch shows the quadrinity of man. A being who is between the rational world (square), the emotional world (circle), the body and the spiritual world; which I view as the shared space between the square and circle. These objects are positive and radiant messages of the beautiful and colored shades of life. They are based on ancient beliefs and paradigms in combination with ruthless imagination. I believe that our hectic times today again call for these requirements of Marcus Vitruvius.

Venustas, Firmitas, Utilitas.
Markus Benesch, April 2015

Stack Square

Gradient Colored Ash Wood 675x675x675mm

Gradient Shelf

Gradient Colored Ash Wood, Acrylic Glass, 2160x855x360mm


Printed Ash Wood, 1955x935x510mm

Gradient Shelf

Gradient Colored Ash Wood, Acrylic Glass, 3195x855x360mm