Curious Boy Wallpaper & Furniture Collection.

Year 2013
Location Munich, Germany

The sketch collection, designed by Markus Benesch Creates, combines natural surfaces like papyrus and paper with roughly painted color structures and freehand drawings. All panels can be combined with our uni-colored backgrounds like papyrus, white washed paper and colored fiber. The generous and often endless murals grant a fascinating and delightful atmosphere. Breezy, colorful and smokey swirls, as well as roughly drawn hatches and threedimensional papyrus structures are the aesthetic core of the sketch collection.

© Markus Benesch Creates


Non woven wallpaper, 270x100/400cm.


Non woven wallpaper, 270x200cm.

Coal & Fiber

Non woven wallpaper, 270x100/200cm.


Non woven wallpaper, 270x100/200/400cm.


Non woven wallpaper, 270x300cm.


Non woven wallpaper, 270x400cm.