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Press Clippings

The work of Markus Benesch Creates has been published extensively nationally and internationally. We have been featured in over 1100 articles, 18 books, as various television and radio interviews worldwide. A few stations that have highlighted our work are: VOX RAI 5 | TELEMODA | ULTRAFRAGOLA | SKY E 1 | POPUP |LEONARDO | ZDF |ARD | RTL | EUROMAXX | PRO SIEBEN | DTW

The following print media have published various articles on our work: 

Abitare | Arcade | AIT | Modo | Interni | Monitor | Kult | Wallpaper | The Independent | Casamica | Elle Decor | Bravacasa | Bild | Gulliver | GQ | Citizen K | Four Rooms | AD | Surface | The Observer | The New York Times | Glamour | Corriere della Sera | Io Donna | Case | Vogue | International Interiors | Grazia | Masons | Canadian Interiors | DDN | Cosmopolitan | Pig | Laisha | Fluid | Welt am Sonntag | L´Officiel | Madame | Dove | La Reppublica | The Arizona Herald | ID magazine | Visionnaire | Möbelmarkt |Schöner Wohnen |  Novum | The Indian Architect and Builder | The World of Interiors | Casa Brutus | Made 05 | Möbelkultur | Polsterfashion | Mensch und Büro |  24 Ore  | Zink | ... 

 Below a selection of videos and publications: