What we do:

Markus Benesch Creates is a multi-disciplinary design studio that creates whimsical surfacesproducts and interiors.

Markus Benesch is a self taught designer, inventor and artist. His first creation—a wooden submarine that he built and sank when he was 9 years old—ultimately led him to his first commercial project at age 18: the design of two stores for Benetton while he was still in school.

Markus learned Italian stucco techniques and tromp l'oeil painting from Italian and Belgian masters. His creative ideas combined with his ability for flawless execution has earned him a strong reputation in the creative and commercial industries.

The creation of immersive experiences, including the physical space (walls, ceiling and floor) as well as the objects and clothing of the participants has become our studio's unique identity. We are happy to share our newest work with you and to showcase the evolution of our studio. With each project, our experience, knowledge and curiosity grow.

After 25 years, we continue to push ourselves toward new questions and solutions in design.

Today, Markus lives between Munich, Milan and New York and holds lectures and workshops as a guest professor at L´ESAD Reims, NABA Milano, IED Milano and Politecnico di Milano, in the field of interior, product and innovative design. 


Work with us:

We are always up for new challenges and experiences with our clients in the areas of surface, product design and interiors. If you are interested in our projects, please contact us. We welcome collaboration.

Markus Benesch Creates, Mariannenplatz 1, 80538 München, Germany, office@markusbeneschcreates.com 


Make an impact with our powerful custom skins, patterns and products.

For many of our surfaces and products, we market licenses in various constellations. We sell or license to manufacturers, distributors, editors and large sales corporations and department stores.  


>> Can you give me a few examples of what you do exactly?

We design and create furniture, lighting, accessories and surfaces for the laminate, textile and wallpaper industries. We also do all kinds of interior projects from offices, shops, fairstands and private homes. We do a lot of commercial work, private commissions and industry-related projects.

Since the late 90s, we have been pioneers in the industrial digital printing industry. Markus Benesch Creates also has a wallpaper brand: CURIOUS BOY. Markus is working more and more on art projects since the demand for his creations is increasing.  

 >> I'm interested in hiring you, how does that work?

Contact us at office@markusbeneschcreates.com and we can go from there. We will meet either electronically or in the flesh and discuss the scope of the project and what you want us to achieve. After that, we will provide you with an estimate for the work. After your confirmation, we can start!

>> Do you work with other architects or designers ?

Certainly, yes! We love collaboration and we have many architect and designer clients who use our work in their projects. We can provide designs for facades and interiors as well as create art pieces for public or private spaces, lobbies and corridors. 

>> What is the significance of your logo? 

Our logo is a character named " Creatora" that symbolizes the traits our studio likes to see in a designer and in ourselves. Look to your right and read a little more about her.

>> How do I apply for a job or internship?

Please send a .pdf with your resumé or CV and a few work samples to office@markusbeneschcreates.com with the subject line "Internship Opportunities." Please take in mind that we are a small team and that we are often off-site working on projects, so we will do our best to get in touch with you in a timely fashion. We also post internship opportunites on our blog as they come up.

>> The installation Flow Dots from the Colorflage collection looks so so similar to Tobias Rehberger's winning project for the Biennale di Venezia 2009, for which he received the Golden Lion. How do you feel about this?

I get this question asked almost every day, so I will respond to it here. I did the Colorflage collection in 2003 and showed it at Erica Calvi's gallery INTERNOS during the Salone Internazionale de Mobile in 2004. The fluid and dancing dots "Flow Dots" became an instant success. Ultimately, we produced wallpaper and hpl laminates with it and licensed it as a collection to Rasch.

The new and innovative aspect of this project is that the dots are fluid and seem to be in motion and therefore visually liquify objects and spaces. This is contrary to the static dots one sees in the works of Yayoi Kusama for example.

In 2008, Tobias and I did an exhibition together at PostDesign gallery (see Crossing in the ART section). Therefore, it was quite a surprise to see that he used our installation almost 100%, without mentioning where the real source came from. I feel also very astonished that a design project from 2004 could win the art prize Leone d`Oro in 2009. Since then, I've become very relaxed about the hype about art.

More info on that: news and Colorflage

>> What is your design credo?

The values of Creatora are the closest thing we have for a credo. Since the very beginning, the goal has been to create new solutions to questions in design and to never bore the audience and our clients. Seeing our ideas executed to the fullest potential and seeing the joy and benefit they bring is what counts.



Markus Benesch Creates has had the pleasure to work with the following companies, and we look forward to working with you!

The overview below features a selection of the companies we have worked with over the past years: 





Meet Creatora !


Creatora: our symbol and guide to the way we work as designers. A curious eye to see the world. A twinkle in the other eye to infuse our work with humor and wit. A gentle mouth to communicate with kindness and ease. Big ears to listen carefully. A flexible brain to envision the non-existing. An antenna to send out and receive messages, signs and symbols.

Markus Benesch thanks all those who have worked with us on our various projects:

Marlene Trux, Celina von Stromberg, Johanna Theis, Haeyoung Lee, Heidi Püschner, Filippo Protasoni, Marco Tossici, Filippo Sgalbazzi, Alice Stori Liechtenstein, Franziska Stegmüller, Luca Battiston, Marco Rabbiato, Mei Ren, Tina Mülbüsch, Annika Haas, Tillmann Graff, Dalia Fares Yammine, Tatiana Poujol, Lilian Kirchhoff, Sonia Bartenschlager, Frederike Wild, Tugba Cagali, Simone Simonelli, Marko Stanojevic, Nutan Schramm, Ken Ottmann, Günter Wimmer, Philip Renner, Ralph Lemmerz, Robert Hlinovsky, Paul Kaczmarczyk, Beate Ballasch, Clemens Westhäuser, Eva Grüner, Claudia Höfter, Bettina Mutzenbach, Nina Strukamp, Camila Ojeda, Jonas Pretterer, Domenico Serratore, Cristina Piccarozzi, Ina Sverdlova.


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Andreas Pollok, Luca Campigotto, Lorenzo Camocardi, Roman Job, Benni Konte, Matteo Manduzio, Laura Rizzi, Felix Schindele, Patrick Späth, Delfino Legnani.



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Markus Benesch Creates, Mariannenplatz 1, 80538 München, Germany